Let’s Talk OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder can be one of the most frustrating mental illnesses with which to deal.  The repetition of thoughts and behaviors, coupled with a crippling paranoia, makes us feel as if our lives – and minds – are spiraling out of control. I used to be a victim of OCD. I had fallen soContinue reading “Let’s Talk OCD”

Breaking the Generational Curse

Did you know: mental illnesses can be passed down from generation to generation?  Bipolar, depression, and even PTSD (along with numerous other disorders) can be triggered in those with a family history of trauma or abuse.  Oftentimes, these DNA diagnoses are referred to as the ‘generational curse.’  Thankfully, this is one curse that CAN BEContinue reading “Breaking the Generational Curse”

How to be Successful in Your Fight Against Chronic Illness

I was asked to share what it was that specifically helped me. For me, the biggest change seemed to come when my counselor offered me hope, by reassuring me that FND was beatable,  I was able to begin changing my doomsday thoughts from, “This is a permanent condition,” or “I’ll always live with pain,” toContinue reading “How to be Successful in Your Fight Against Chronic Illness”

Let’s Talk: Accepting Doctors’ Diagnoses

The first dozen specialists I had the misfortune of encountering were cold and clinical, writing off my disorder as a piece of fiction that I had concocted.  The very last specialist that I saw, a neurologist at Barrows, was the first to diagnose me with conversion disorder…and the first to offer me kindness.  I wasContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Accepting Doctors’ Diagnoses”