The Importance of Recreation

In order to pursue a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we must learn to prioritize recreation (and all that falls under it’s heading). Sports participation, hobbies, and hangouts are great contributors to maintaining stability, both physically and mentally speaking. We as Americans often get swept up in the whirlwind that is life; our responsibilities and even relationshipsContinue reading “The Importance of Recreation”

A Lil’ Self Care

Sometimes, we need to take a bit of time for ourselves, regardless of how busy life might be. This is what a small slice of R&R heaven looks like to me: A vanilla latte face mask & exfoliating scrub Organic Vanilla Bean Coffee Grounds Unrefined coconut oil Mix 3/4 parts coffee grounds to 1/4 partsContinue reading “A Lil’ Self Care”

Socialization – The Ultimate Therapy

It was during one of my socially anxious periods that I began to withdraw from the company of others. I isolated to the tipping point of my mental health, but it wasn’t until I sought the friendship of others that I truly began to break free of self-placed restrictions and negative thought patterns. For me,Continue reading “Socialization – The Ultimate Therapy”

Take Me (An Original Poem)

Take me where the air is clean; Flowers bloom, and grass is green. Where dirt paths are the ones folks trod, And beetles scamper in the sod; Where meadowlarks croon in the trees, And autumn leaves dance in the breeze; Where buttercups are wet with dew, And evenings cast a purple hue; Where grasses raiseContinue reading “Take Me (An Original Poem)”

The Importance of Balance

Like most of you, I’ve battled with depression, anxiety and stress – tons and tons of stress! What I failed to realize, however, was that I was turning my past experiences into self-fulfilling future prophecies.  My negative self-talk was destroying any chance I had at future success. In fact, I even brought on a disorderContinue reading “The Importance of Balance”