Let’s Talk OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder can be one of the most frustrating mental illnesses with which to deal.  The repetition of thoughts and behaviors, coupled with a crippling paranoia, makes us feel as if our lives – and minds – are spiraling out of control. I used to be a victim of OCD. I had fallen soContinue reading “Let’s Talk OCD”

Breaking the Generational Curse

Did you know: mental illnesses can be passed down from generation to generation?  Bipolar, depression, and even PTSD (along with numerous other disorders) can be triggered in those with a family history of trauma or abuse.  Oftentimes, these DNA diagnoses are referred to as the ‘generational curse.’  Thankfully, this is one curse that CAN BEContinue reading “Breaking the Generational Curse”

How to be Successful in Your Fight Against Chronic Illness

I was asked to share what it was that specifically helped me. For me, the biggest change seemed to come when my counselor offered me hope, by reassuring me that FND was beatable,  I was able to begin changing my doomsday thoughts from, “This is a permanent condition,” or “I’ll always live with pain,” toContinue reading “How to be Successful in Your Fight Against Chronic Illness”

Let’s Talk: Accepting Doctors’ Diagnoses

The first dozen specialists I had the misfortune of encountering were cold and clinical, writing off my disorder as a piece of fiction that I had concocted.  The very last specialist that I saw, a neurologist at Barrows, was the first to diagnose me with conversion disorder…and the first to offer me kindness.  I wasContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Accepting Doctors’ Diagnoses”

The Secret to Functional Relationships

Boundaries. The secret to functional relationships are those invisible lines that tell others what we will and will not allow. The word ’no,’ plays an important role in developing healthy boundaries. Those of us who have grown up with abuse often have skewed views of boundaries, however. Our minds or our bodies have not belongedContinue reading “The Secret to Functional Relationships”

Celebrating Every Victory

Even in pain, there can be purpose – a lesson we can use to turn our setback into a success story. Journaling can help us zero-in on our victories, even as we walk through the healing process. As you might now know, I recently experienced a little setback called conversion disorder. This “setback” involved temporaryContinue reading “Celebrating Every Victory”

The Importance of Hobbies

The intelligent side of our brains – our built-in neurological tupperware – is a wild child that can sometimes get us into trouble. You see, the storage unit of memories, facts, and reason can occasionally leave us overwrought with worry and repetitious thoughts. There is, however, good news! We can avoid this imbalance by feedingContinue reading “The Importance of Hobbies”

Damn the Gram?

In an age where societal norms no longer reflect the quintessential charms of Mayberry, there are now apps on which to build relationships, forums on which to swap stories, and social media, on which to connect with others.  Though the Leave It To Beaver neighborhoods and the Lucy and Ethel camaraderies have all but dissolved,Continue reading Damn the Gram?

Stories of Hope

Sometimes, given our various situations, we can feel unmotivated or hopeless. We might think to ourselves, ”I can’t overcome the odds,” or, ”the deck is stacked against me.” If we ever need reminders of how much power we actually hold, we can just look in the history books. Let’s check out these historical examples ofContinue reading “Stories of Hope”

6 Reasons to Ditch Modern Dating Culture

With all of the modern day technology steamrolling every social connection into an online format, relationships and dating have become nothing more than a smokescreen to our hashtag personas.  Gone are the days of front porch cuddles, double straw malts, and lingering kisses goodnight at the door.  Those of us who dare to cast aContinue reading “6 Reasons to Ditch Modern Dating Culture”