Let’s Talk OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder can be one of the most frustrating mental illnesses with which to deal.  The repetition of thoughts and behaviors, coupled with a crippling paranoia, makes us feel as if our lives – and minds – are spiraling out of control.

I used to be a victim of OCD. I had fallen so far into the clutches of that darkened realm that even I began to question my sanity.  As disabling as that full-time occupation had become, I am glad to announce that for over a decade, I have been COMPLETELY and TOTALLY free from that label!  

What worked for me can work for you too!  

1) Ignore the Google definition.  It says OCD can’t be cured, but this is UNEQUIVOCALLY FALSE!  Don’t let the internet dampen your spirit!

2) Get counseling.  Talk therapy is incredibly helpful when it comes to uprooting OCD’s strongholds.

3) Get medicated.  Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds pack a MEGA PUNCH 🥊, slamming OCD to floor!  

4) Pray (if you’re religious).  A little pixie dust might be just what the doctor ordered.  I have no doubt that prayer was instrumental in my recovery, and is the reason I walk free today.

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