Let’s Talk: Accepting Doctors’ Diagnoses

The first dozen specialists I had the misfortune of encountering were cold and clinical, writing off my disorder as a piece of fiction that I had concocted.  The very last specialist that I saw, a neurologist at Barrows, was the first to diagnose me with conversion disorder…and the first to offer me kindness.  I was over the moon with my chronic illness, celebrating like I had just won the lotto.  But what did this mean, long-term?  Was there a solution?

Understandably, a lot of people in that same position correlate ‘accepting’ a diagnosis with ‘giving control’ to that diagnosis.  “I’ll always live with pain,” or “My life will never look the way that I want,” are thoughts that relentlessly bombard our brains…until, that is, we learn the importance of refuting control over our minds.  Because FND has its roots in our mental health, it becomes imperative that we reject those negative musings in favor of positive ones.  The solution to our disorders lies, very simply, in the reconfiguration of our brains.  

The term, ‘acceptance,’ does not mean ‘to come to terms with’ our disorders.  It is simply an expression of understanding…understanding what we must do in order to fully heal.  

Don’t get discouraged by what the doctors tell you.  I went from having those same experts question my ability to ever walk properly again, to jogging my way into their offices.  There IS hope and there IS healing!

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