Four Keys To Happiness (Part III)

There are four main chemicals in our brains that set the foundation for happiness: Serotonin (the mood booster), Endorphin (the painkiller), Dopamine (the ‘reward’ chemical), and Oxytocin (the ‘love’ chemical). In this post, we will be cashing in on the reward chemical, Dopamine.

Complete a task.

Even a small task, such as painting a pumpkin, will count towards raising dopamine levels!

Eat good food.

Chomping on a chocolate bar is often associated with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. The simple act of eating good food releases dopamine, the reward chemical that leaves us happier and more fulfilled.


Taking the time to care for your own well-being is imperative to good mental health. Try journaling, watching a classic film, or soaking in a hot tub.

Celebrate the little things.

Enjoying the little moments in life helps us to destress and refocus.

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