6 Reasons to Ditch Modern Dating Culture

With all of the modern day technology steamrolling every social connection into an online format, relationships and dating have become nothing more than a smokescreen to our hashtag personas.  Gone are the days of front porch cuddles, double straw malts, and lingering kisses goodnight at the door.  Those of us who dare to cast a wandering eye at the sweet romanticism of yesteryear, are gravely dissatisfied with the love ‘em and leave ‘em dating culture of our times.  But what else is there?  So we take the drive-thru approach to a relationship, willing to risk our hearts in a dire attempt to rid ourselves of loneliness.  The irony?  We are left even lonelier than before.  

Our entire being has been reduced to nothing more than a file – a thumbnail carved out of each photoshopped picture, each archived word spoke in haste, and each status update from our luncheon engagements at McDonalds.  It becomes routine to block and delete, block and delete.  What, then, is the solution to this dating culture crisis?  Simple – we must shift the dial.  We must stop competing in a world that doesn’t exist for the betterment of ourselves, or our society.  We again must learn our value, and place the emphasis of a relationship once more on integrity and respect.  As a means to this end, I have compiled a list of 6 reasons to ditch modern dating culture, each ‘reason’ being a silver screen actor or actress who personified the very definition of the phrase, ‘a class act.’

Tyrone Power

This Hollywood heartthrob was more than just a box office sensation.  His enlistment in the Marine Corp. during World War II earned him great respect and admiration.  He was recognized for his service with three prestigious medals, and granted a promotion to major.  Known for his startling good looks and dangerously dapper leading roles, this dark-haired dreamboat is one reason to look beyond Tinder for true romance.

Roger Moore

Often referred to as ‘a class act,’ this British hunk was well-received both in America and across the pond.  His quick wit, carefree demeanor, and charming relatability were all handsomely packaged beneath a single raised brow. Not only did this suave suit-and-tie deliver swoon-worthy performances, he also delivered on his pledge to philanthropic causes.  This earned him a knighthood, along with a string of other accolades to his acting credit.  Devilishly handsome AND a wealthy philanthropist?  This European dream should leave all of us craving Moore from our relationships.

Audie Murphy

A man of great valor and determination, this household-name hero began his career overseas – as a sixteen year old soldier in World War II.  Following his enlistment, he soon became the most decorated soldier of the war.  At twenty-one, he began a successful acting career, which ultimately led to his most memorable film, To Hell and Back.  This was to be an autobiographical account of his wartime experiences, adapted from his book to grace the silver screen.  After falling on financially hard times years later, he still refused offers to appear in alcohol and cigarette commercials, not wanting to set the wrong example.  His good nature was infectious, as was his compassion, and he worked to bring public awareness to veterans struggling with PTSD.  An all-around upstanding guy, this dreamy Texan sets the bar high by checking all the boxes on our dating wishlists.

Fred Astaire 

Known for his impeccably elegant “top hat, white tie, and tails” style, this silver screen gent was the embodiment of class.  A hardworking chap, he spent hours perfecting each musical number.  His innocent charm and flawless on-screen transition from smooth-talking stud to sensitive sweetheart, won him the admiration of American audiences.  When he wasn’t releasing a whirlwind of box office delights, this tap dancing dreamboat was reclining contentedly in his favorite pullover.  He was a devout family man, effortlessly balancing the worlds of both Hollywood and home.  A gentleman of refinement and good humor, this romantic celeb casts a shadow on those distasteful Bumble bios.  

Grace Kelly

Retiring from the ‘lights, camera, action’ bit at the tender age of twenty-five, this silver screen knockout swapped movie roles for royal duties upon her crowning as Princess of Monaco.  She wasted no time in founding a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the wellbeing of children, and she encouraged appreciation of the arts by highlighting local craftsmen.  By way of ice cream and baseball, the blonde bombshell incorporated a splash of Americana into her newfound surroundings, and each year hosted a traditional Thanksgiving celebration for her family.  The proud owner of an exhaustive list of accomplishments and awards, this voguish young actress is no femme fatale.

Audrey Hepburn

As a newcomer to the screen, this Hollywood starlet brought with her a soft, natural beauty and a vibrant persona.  Her film characters were often of intoxicating charm, as the roles highlighted her acting strengths: a youthful gaiety, lighthearted demeanor, and fresh-faced innocence.  In addition to her popular film resume, came also the respect of millions for her philanthropic work.  She championed the cause of children overseas, struggling with the thoughts of famine and war.  The actress shrugged off warnings about her own well-being, as she ran to hug downtrodden little ones in third-world countries.  Recognized for both her humanitarian efforts as well as her box office hits, this leading lady didn’t have time for games of cat and mouse.  Rest easy, fellows; her interest is more than a Charade.

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